[ubuntu-uk] Planets

Neil Greenwood neil.greenwood.lug at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 19:42:37 BST 2007

On 01/06/07, Johnathon Tinsley <Kirrus at kirrus.co.uk> wrote:
> adrian wrote:
> > Simon, I use Liferea and I load in all the duplicate posts, but once I
> > have read one in ine feed, it marks all others duplicate posts as read.
> > So no problem. I don't delete posts as they will come back unread next
> > time you update.
> >
> > Adrian
>  Brilliant, thanks! (I'm currently using Liferea as well)
>  Johnathon

This only works in the version that's included in Feisty (7.04). In
the version included with Edgy (6.10), you have to 'read' all the

This confused me a bit the first time I used the newer version - I'd
read that it sorted out duplicates, but I saw duplicates in the list.
I quickly skipped through a couple of duplicates without watching
carefully and then had to track down the unrelated post that I'd
clicked on then off without paying attention!


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