[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu <-> XP file xfers via bluetooth

luxxius luxxius at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 1 19:50:19 BST 2007

I've been trying all day to get my Ubuntu box (Feisty) and my work WinXP 
laptop to transfer files to each other via bluetooth (using 
gnome-bluetooth on the Ubuntu box).  They can see each other, but when I 
try to pair from XP I get 'The pairing was rejected by the remote device'.

I've edited  hcid.conf:  security is set to 'auto' and the correct 
passkey entered.

I'm initiating the pairing from the XP laptop because I don't know how 
to do this from the Ubuntu box.

Any ideas would be very welcome before I tear out all my hair!


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