[ubuntu-uk] [uk-marketing] Writing for your local rag

Nicholas Butler nik at reducedhackers.com
Sun Jul 15 08:56:03 BST 2007

Im fairly fortunate in that I am a Parish Councillor for Roffey North. 
As a result I get the opportunity to provide some input into content and 
conversations in the local parish newspaper, thuogh i am in no way an  
editor or would intend to use it as a "platform" . We also have a local 
"open access" Internet room at the Parish Hall ( heh I sound quite 
parochial here ! ) which I hope will be happy to carry some OSS CDs for 
people to take away.

Pretty much every town and village in the UK has some form of local 
governance that will consist of community members and they may be very 
much unaware of what Open Source software is doing and how well it works.

If you ( like Alan ) are feeling that you are getting blocked by one 
method of access whilst  talking about OSS then you might consider 
talking to your parish councilors about the possibility of providing OSS 
software to the community. There are  so many ways to approach our own 
local communities ( in the non OSS term ) that every one of us here must 
have some experiences of what has worked.

Bear in mind though that what fails or was a problem for one person may 
really take off and work well for another so dont let someones stories 
of failures and problems deter you from having a go, were all different 
in our approaches and successes.


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