[ubuntu-uk] Guidelines for the mailing list

James Dalley j.dalley at hotmail.co.uk
Mon Jan 29 22:30:45 GMT 2007

> > And that was a top post. I'm going to stop spamming now.>  I know as being fairly new to mailing lists that there are rules
that you should adhere to for everyones sake, but most web based
email clients automatically set you up to write at the top. So i think it 
is important if you are new to read the ettique page posted. Top posting
just makes it difficult to follow a thread you have not done so from the
start, therefore it is helpful if people post new material below the message
they are responding to. I know i have been a top poster but as you read or take
part in longer and longer disscusions it becomes more obvious how it is
needed. A couple of comments maybe but a disscussion like tonight, if no
one top posts people can just pick the last subject of that name and read the whole
disscusion from top to bottom.
Also there is not using a diff subject name for a change of topic, but its all on the
ubuntu ettique page.
I know I am guilty also, but its not that its a big deal, it just makes life easier.
especially if like a lot of us you subscribe to several, if not many, lists..
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