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Phil Bull philbull at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 00:56:52 GMT 2007

Hi Caroline,

On Mon, 2007-01-29 at 00:10 +0000, London School of Puppetry wrote:
> Was having a chat with a neighbour the other day....she said that she
> has a local chap who comes from a nearby town to see to her computer
> which is running windows- she pays him £30 per hour.  She said she
> wouldn't want to change her system because how would she know how to
> get help for Linux? Well, blow me if I didn't have a major problem
> yesterday- and I didn't know where to start! In the end I drove 50
> miles to Manchester to my son to clear up the problem- is there a list
> somewhere of Ubuntu experts ....ordinary folk just cannot solve
> problems with w techie down the phone. Caroline 

There are quite a few of ways of getting help [1] [2]. You can talk to
some of the many helpful people on the forums, mailing lists or IRC for
most problems - these ways tend to be the easiest, and won't cost you
anything. Failing that, there is a list of local support providers [3].

I'm interested in how you approached the issue of trying to get support
for your problem. Over at the Ubuntu Doc Team, a lot of big changes are
being made to help make the documentation easier to access. Information
about your current experience could be pretty useful, I think.



[1] - https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/ubuntu/getting-help/C/index.html
[2] - http://www.ubuntu.com/support/
[3] - http://tinyurl.com/2r8num

Phil Bull

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