[ubuntu-uk] Open Source Challenges Vista at U.K. Education Show

Alistair Crust alistair at skegnessgrammar.org
Thu Jan 18 10:06:33 GMT 2007

If we all keep avocating, using and pushing suppliers for linux support the 
momentum should snowball.

Esp' as alot of vendors see education as a wallet with no bounds. They know 
they can always come back to education and say. "This product will do 
*insert latest buzzwords here*" .. and inevitably managment and 
non-technical types say "OK, if you say so."

If people then start to say, "Hey we want it to work with linux" the 
bussinesses will miss out on a major developing revenue stream... unless 
they comply.

Isn't it strange the power money has. Or at least the risk of loosing it. 
For business it makes it even harder to bear if they arn't loosing out to 
another company.

This is all IMHO naturally.


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From: "Colin_The_Technician"

> Well bugger me, the worm is turning.
> Never knew Smartboard had a Linux version.  We have about 50
> smartboards in our school, so I'll have to give it a try.
> Colin

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