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Celia Lawton-Livingstone lawli56 at hotmail.com
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Build your own PC, then you can put what you want into it and make sure that 
if conforms to the required specs.   There are plenty of guides out there on 
the internet and you can always ask me for advice.  I'm CompTIA A+ 

I'm going to be rebuilding a PC to use as a server shortly using my Abit 
KV7, Barton 2500+, and a couple of hard drives.  I just need 1gb of Ram to 
add to it.



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>- Cheap PC (Anyone know of anywhere that sells OS-less cheap PCs in the
>UK?) with Ubuntu/SAMBA & forget about the syncing stuff
>- Cheap PC  with Ubuntu/SAMBA & iFolder to keep everything in sync
>(Anyone used this?)
>Any suggestions from people who've implemented one of the above (Or
>something similar), I'm particularly interested in how low a spec PC I
>could get away with for the PC options.
>Any opinions gratefully received!
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