[ubuntu-uk] A GUI Grub editor?

Scrase, Eddie escrase.uk at Wentworthlabs.com
Mon Feb 26 08:55:51 GMT 2007

> Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I make the point that a gui grub editor 
> would have a strong value for that precious breed - newbies. Maybe 
> there is a gui grub editor easily available  for (k)ubuntu, but it did 
> not appear in my searches.

The only such thing that I've come across is Suse's Yast utility, which is
Suse only unfortunately.

I agree that it would be useful to have such GUI, and not only for the
newbies - I am more than capable to opening a terminal, finding GRUB's
configuration file, and then editing it, but would prefer to use a GUI if
one was available.  Even if I don't change the default boot on a new system,
I usually end up editing this file to change the timeout.
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