[ubuntu-uk] Lost again

Tony Arnold tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk
Thu Feb 22 10:56:19 GMT 2007


Robin Menneer wrote:

>> I'm not sure if this is a complete description, but items on the desk
>> top require a double click in a default Ubuntu set-up. Menus and stuff
>> on the top and bottom panel need only a single click. Links in WEB
>> browsers and mailers only need a single click. Files etc in the nautilus
>> file browser need a double click.
>> I've probably missed something but that covers quite a lot!

> Thanks - it's more complicated than I feared and lets Ubuntu down badly.

I think the issue is Nautilus! Pretty much everything is single click
except the things controlled by Nautilus which is the desk top and the
file browser. At least that is the default setting. It is possible to
configure nautilus to use a single click and then I'm pretty sure
everything is a single click (there may be some exceptions such as
navigating in a 'open file' dialogue box).

I think it is set this way so that new/inexperienced users don't
accidentally open things up from the desk top etc by random clicking,
ironically enough!

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