[ubuntu-uk] ubuntu xbuntu network!

KaroSHi Von Beef 0beef0 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 20:06:20 GMT 2007

Sudo apt-get insall samba
sudo smbpasswd -a 'username' (replace username with an account on your pc)

On 2/16/07, STONE COLD <javad_ayaz at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi ,
> I was wondering if someone could help.
> Ive connected my pc running ubuntu (main pc) with a pc running xubuntu
> (secondary pc). They are connected via one of those linkys ethernet routers!
> ive managed to get the internet working on the secondary pc but im unable to
> see any folders or anything else on this pc. Im using a cable to connect
> both pc's!
> Ideally i want my main pc to see the secondary pc and be able to save
> stuff on it! ive looked at the network tools but really didnt get anywhere
> with that!
> Any ideas please?
> Please take the time to explain in a bit more detail as im still new to
> this :)
> Javad
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