[ubuntu-uk] Roll Your Own VNC Support Package

Stephen Garton sheepeatingtaz at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 13:32:10 GMT 2007

Afternoon All,

I (and I imagine a few people on the list) am the 'support' desk for
family when it comes to PC's. Now, I am working on getting them to
migrate to Ubuntu, so I can better support them, but at the moment
they are (mostly) running windows. I recently found an article
detailing how one can set up a 'Call Home' button on a Windows


Now, I'm OK with the instructions, and converting 'my' part to ubuntu
for the most part, until I get to the following bit:

Have the VNCViewer program running in "Listen" mode, preferably with
8-bit colour for the best performance. (you can make a shortcut with
"vncviewer.exe" /8bit /listen if you want)

Can I do this with vncviewer /8bit /listen'' in my session startup
options? Have I missed the point somewhere?


Steve Garton

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