[ubuntu-uk] Kodak launch refillable inkjet printers

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Wed Feb 14 00:56:04 GMT 2007

On 14/02/07, Daniel Watkins <D.M.Watkins at warwick.ac.uk> wrote:

> 1) Civil rights for black people, women etc. were never gained through
> market forces. We're attempting to attain freedom of software for all
> people, the same applies (to an extent) to us.

OK Richard Stallman, I'm sure you're not so insensitive as to compare the
civil rights struggle and suffrage to your preference for Open Source

Another way of describing your attempt to "attain freedom of software for
all" is as begging some company to "please give me some software for free."

Bit of a different scale from the civil rights movement there. You have no
rights at all to driver support from a printer company., Why do you think
people should just give you stuff?

> If GNU/etc represents enough of a revenue to a manufacturer they will
> > provide support/drivers. They will factor in the costs of development
> > and  support, and come to a decision based on the business case.
> As above, if manufacturers are not aware of how much revenue GNU/etc
> represents, they will ignore it completely.

Trust me - the manufacturers know pretty accurately what the open source
market is worth. I'm not sure that you do.

I would further argue that if you were to avoid buying any consumables
> from Kodak, and just buy their printer, they wouldn't be making much of
> a profit anyways.

I reckon you're probably right - what's your point?
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