[ubuntu-uk] Kodak launch refillable inkjet printers

Daniel Watkins D.M.Watkins at warwick.ac.uk
Wed Feb 14 00:43:02 GMT 2007

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Pat wrote:
> Market forces change the world. Not much else.
I have two counterpoints:
1) Civil rights for black people, women etc. were never gained through
market forces. We're attempting to attain freedom of software for all
people, the same applies (to an extent) to us.
2) Markets function best only when there is perfect information, so both
supplier and consumer know exactly what demand and supply are. By
informing the supplier that you, as a consumer, will not be purchasing
their product for a specific reason, they will further see the effect
their choices in that area have on the demand for their product.

> If GNU/etc represents enough of a revenue to a manufacturer they will
> provide support/drivers. They will factor in the costs of development
> and  support, and come to a decision based on the business case.
As above, if manufacturers are not aware of how much revenue GNU/etc
represents, they will ignore it completely.

> I would sooner Kodak didn't support us. As I said, the more people to
> whom they provide support, the more likely they are to be successful. I
> would like to see Kodak go out of business because of their past behaviour.
I would further argue that if you were to avoid buying any consumables
from Kodak, and just buy their printer, they wouldn't be making much of
a profit anyways.
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