[ubuntu-uk] Kodak launch refillable inkjet printers

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Tue Feb 13 23:13:43 GMT 2007

On 13/02/07, Daniel Watkins <D.M.Watkins at warwick.ac.uk> wrote:
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> Pat wrote:
> > On 13/02/07, *Daniel Watkins*
> > <D.M.Watkins at warwick.ac.uk
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> >     > 1. Why do you want to increase the profits of a company that uses
> >     > software patents to extort cash? Particularly given the threat
> that
> >     > software patents pose to Free Software.
> >     I'm not. I want them to Free their drivers.
> >
> >
> > This is what, so that you can hang it on the wall?
> >
> > Or perhaps to run one of the printers that you bought from them -
> > thereby increasing their profits.
> Or perhaps for the reasons I've already covered. But no, I was just
> messing around when I wrote those.
> >     > 2. Persuading Kodak to open source their drivers is not a "win for
> the
> >     > Free Software movement" as you so "snootily" put it.  It's begging
> for
> >     > support from some company that has no respect for its users.
> >     It is a win for the Free Software movement. It is also begging
> support
> >     from some company that has no respect for its users.
> >
> >
> > Anything that helps patent trolls succeed in business is actually a
> > significant loss for everyone.
> And anything that Frees more software is a significant win for everyone.

> Neat that - releade unde GPL ithut blishing thource.
> That sentence doesn't make any sense! Oh, wait, did I edit it?

OK this is getting  too infantile.

To recap the original points.

Apparently Kodak are bringing out a printer.

Whenever Kodak etc come up in conversation - I feel it is worthwhile
reminding people that they have behaved very badly in the past. This is a
valid point to make.

Another valid point to make is that the drivers are Kodak's software to Open
Source if they wish. They are quite well aware of the existence of OSI
licences. Begging letters will not influence their decision on which licence
to choose.

Now that you seem to have degenerated into childish bickering, I see no
point in continuing to reply to your posts. I have lost any respect I had
for your opinions.
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