[ubuntu-uk] Netgear WPN111 on ndiswrapper

Andrew Gee andrew at webspot.co.uk
Tue Feb 13 21:30:51 GMT 2007

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Hi all,

I've converted my mate to linux when his windows install kept mucking
up. He's very impressed so far, especially with the installer! But he
has a problem.

He owns a WPN111 usb wireless adapter which didn't work "out of the box"
on ubuntu. It showed up on System -> Admin -> Networking as a Wireless
adapter. But going into the properties of this wireless adapter, didn't
show the wireless settings part of the properties that is usually there.

So the computer had no network connection. So I got him the DVD version
of ubuntu, which included ndiswrapper. ndiswrapper was installed, the
driver files were copied to the user folder and they were installed into
ubuntu with the:
	sudo ndiswrapper -i netwpn11.inf

Then added the ndiswrapper kernel module to run. But running iwconfig
didn't show any new network adapters. Nothing like ath0 or wlan0.

"sudo ndiswrapper -l" shows the network adapter as driver present,
hardware present. But still no new network adapter there. Only lo, eth0,
and sit0.

So... I'm stuck :)

Please help!
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Andrew Gee
andrew at webspot.co.uk
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