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On 06/02/07, Llywelyn Owen <linux at spamtracker.co.uk> wrote:
> There was a letter in the IN Gear supplement of last Sunday's edition
> of Sunday Times where the correspondent was adopting Linux and wanted
> some tips, Ubuntu was recommended. This was totally unexpected, I've
> emailed the journalist concerned many times saying that he never
> encouraged the use of open source, preferring instead to tow the MS
> line and spending U$s.
> I've thrown away the supplement so can't scan you a copy. So I tried
> looking at  Sunday Times web site for a link - a link I could not find
> - apparently the site's been redesigned. HOWEVER, there is a
> "Sponsored by Windows LIVE" logo next to the search box - and guess
> what it doesn't work, last night nor today! The site is also really
> slow. WHAT A GREAT AD FOR MS! Oh, and some articles about DVDs not
> working with Vista!
> This better than beer.
> Great! Caroline Lsp.
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