[ubuntu-uk] Looking for Colorzilla eyedropper replacement

David M lists2007 at trancepod.34sp.com
Wed Feb 7 21:04:34 GMT 2007

Sadly, the eyedropper functionality of one of my all-time favourite
Firefox plugi\\\\\extens\\\\\\add-ons, the mighty Colorzilla, no longer 
works under the standard Ubuntu package of Firefox. :-(

The eyedropper is one of those nifty things you just can't live without:
See a color you like the look of on another webpage, or trying to re-use
colors on a development site without having to memorise hex codes? Click
on the eyedropper, shuffle over to the color in question, and hey, 
presto, its RGB value collected for your delectation and enjoyment..

According to the developer's website, the eyedropper functionality would
work once again, were I to install the 'official' Firefox from Mozilla,
and that old libstdc++5 thing (which I seem to have permanently kicking
around anyway).


But I'm reluctant to install unofficial packages on my system. I've done
it before, once, and I didn't have any problem with the official Mozilla
builds (although I seem to recall having to do a fair bit of hacking to
get multimedia plugins to work), but I like to stay within the playpen 
and know that everything gets upgraded automatically and safely and 
compatibly, come upgrade time.

So, I have two questions:

Firstly, although it's not an Ubuntu package by any stretch of the
imagination, is there any way the Ubuntu developers can work with the
Colorzilla author so that the Ubuntu Firefoxes can run this add-on? I
don't know what the difference is between the Ubuntu and Mozilla
releases that breaks this add-on, but I would hope it could be resolved
somehow.. I was wondering whether it would be appropriate to file a bug
report/feature request for this?

Failing that, can anybody suggest a program that would act as a
replacement for the Colorzilla eyedropper? That is, a program which
would allow me to select a pixel on-screen and return its color value?


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