[ubuntu-uk] UK linux organisations (was Re: French FLOSS for Schools)

Daniel Watkins D.M.Watkins at warwick.ac.uk
Tue Feb 6 15:49:26 GMT 2007

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Benjamin Webb wrote:
> We need to try to get an official UK page for Linux, which will
> include, amongst other things the list of people and their MPs that
> was suggested, so that we can all lobby simultaneously. The way that I
> see it, the Ubuntu UK community would be part of this site, but also
> other groups of UK Linux users (ie from other distributions).
Who would make it an 'official' web page?

I also don't think there is any need for any national GNU/Linux site,
official or otherwise, as this implies that the Free Software community
is not an international one. There _is_ a need for local user-groups,
who may or may not have a website, to extol the virtues of GNU/Linux and
Free Software in general. We can't encourage people using a national
website any more than an international website, and an international
website can be found, used, contributed to and funded by more people.
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