[ubuntu-uk] Could Linux (and Ubuntu) do more to encourage students?

norman norman at littletank.org
Sat Feb 3 08:57:33 GMT 2007

> > On Fri, 2007-02-02 at 21:53 +0000, Benjamin Webb wrote:
> > > > > Are there any OS graphics programmes? one of my students was asking.
> >
> > There is a Gimp users group - gimp-users at lists.XCF.Berkeley.EDU
> >
> > I get the impression that, in most respects, Gimp is equivalent to
> > Photoshop. I use Gimp for procesing digital photographs.
> It depends (as with all things) what you do with it. For processing
> digital photographs as you do Photoshop would be overkill and so Gimp
> is perfectly adequate.  For more complex design (e.g. web/print
> design) Gimp is a nightmare.
> The Gimp's vector graphics are extremely limited (versus some good mix
> in Photoshop) especially when it comes to shapes. For example, try
> drawing a shaded curved-edged box in the Gimp - as far as I can tell
> it is impossible (although I may be missing some tricks). In Photoshop
> there is a tool.
> Photoshop text transformation etc. is much more powerful, including
> writing text along a path (vector stuff again) multiple font's,
> colours, etc. in a text block. To create multi-coloured text in the
> Gimp you literally have to do a letter at a time.
> I would love to see a Photoshop equivalent on Linux but unfortunately
> the Gimp isn't it - and doesn't look to be heading in that direction
> over the past 5 years I've been using it.  Maybe Adobe will port?
> ......and cut the price by 99%!

I am sure you are correct. It is to some extent, I presume, you get what
you pay for.


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