[ubuntu-uk] DELL w/Ubuntu available in the UK

Nik Butler nik at reducedhackers.com
Wed Aug 8 11:41:25 BST 2007

Pete Stean wrote:
> The irony of course is that this machine is *no cheaper* than the 
> Vista-loaded equivalent... why are they not prepared to pass on the 
> licence cost saving to the consumer?  And who would buy a Ubuntu 
> machine when they can get a Vista machine for the same price (knowing, 
> of course, that a free Ubuntu install can be put on the machine with 
> no problems...)?  Way to go, Dell UK  :|

Why ? Well because the additional saving of the License if off set by 
the additional "bloatware" that is installed and paid to be installed by 
other software vendors. Hardware costs and minimal and the cost of the 
license ( and I really want someone from Dell to show me this not some 
armchair pundit ! ) is incredibly negligible to be not worth the value 
of the discount compared to the revenue made by other advertisers.

You want to blame Dell for this? Maybe we need to consider its our own 
Economy and our Free Markets that enable this through the choices made 
by the consumers.


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