[ubuntu-uk] [marketing] Help with custom live CD please?

Ian Pascoe softy.lofty.ilp at btinternet.com
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Hi Alan

Well done mate.

Extra tit-bit of information that may come in handy when talking at the
national level.

The Assistive Technologies Infrastructure within Gnome has been jointly
developed by Sun Microsystems Inc, IBM, and community developers.  We are
all aware that various high profile brands contribute to various projects,
including the kernal, but the point I'm trying to emphasise is that there
are "proper" developers as well as "community" developers involved.  Would
such companies authorise such involvement if they didn't see this as a  ....
argh can't think of the word .... business direction?


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> I am happy to say that, as covered in another post, I did mange to
> create a custom CD.
> I can further report that I had a meeting with my senior contact at
> the charity local area and at least it was looked at. The person is
> very non IT and it was the custom 'Branding' which initillty got me
> the meeting, and prevented eyes glazing over too fast.
> I can recommend the approach as a constructive marketing strategy.
> I will be following it up with a national contact in the organisation
> now, and this may be a multistage and rather slow process. However I
> am very pleased that Ubuntu is on the map even though they do not (at
> present anyway) have motivation to go there.
> --

Well done Alan ;-)


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