[ubuntu-uk] [marketing] Help with custom live CD please?

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Sun Aug 5 08:54:29 BST 2007

> I am happy to say that, as covered in another post, I did mange to
> create a custom CD.
> I can further report that I had a meeting with my senior contact at
> the charity local area and at least it was looked at. The person is
> very non IT and it was the custom 'Branding' which initillty got me
> the meeting, and prevented eyes glazing over too fast.
> I can recommend the approach as a constructive marketing strategy.
> I will be following it up with a national contact in the organisation
> now, and this may be a multistage and rather slow process. However I
> am very pleased that Ubuntu is on the map even though they do not (at
> present anyway) have motivation to go there.
> --

Well done Alan ;-)


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