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Paul Mellors paul at paulmellors.net
Fri Aug 3 10:31:55 BST 2007

On Fri, 2007-08-03 at 10:10 +0100, Mark Harrison wrote:
> Guys,
> Just for the record, since I suspect it's my Blog that has specifically 
> kicked off this "issue":
>     If the community as a whole would rather I simply syndicated 
> OSS-related posts, then I am happy to do so.
> I have deliberately syndicated my entire personal blog, because I had 
> believed, and still believe, that showing a wide range of Ubuntu users 
> was an effective method of marketing. I did this AFTER consultation with 
> the LoCo "management".
> I'm not that unusual in having a "side business" (property investment 
> and training) along side the IT job. Indeed, a straw poll of property 
> investors at recent property events suggest to me that about 40% of 
> landlords these days work in IT.
> I do NOT syndicate my work blog to Planet (though, ironically, other 
> members of the UK Team have blogged about my company!)
> Personally, BTW, I think an obvious solution would be to have TWO 
> Planets.... one restricted to OSS-related matters, and one to "about the 
> people"...  though I have to admit I'd only read the "all-inclusive one" 
> rather than the "OSS-only" one myself.
> I like to read about Paladine's crusade against bank charges (and was 
> motivated to sign the Number 10 petition about them after discussion 
> with him on IRC after one of his blog posts.)... I like to read about 
> Gary's experience with buying a new Mac (and I'm incredibly tempted), I 
> like Jono's experiences of what it's like to work for Canonical, I like 
> Nik's commentary on the evolution of the Social Networking world... and 
> I like Popey's stuff like the XP vanity lights (good result!) just as 
> much as I like all our stuff about iPlayer, FSF, OpenRights Group, and 
> Feisty!
> I am happy to discuss my actions in public, defend where defensible, and 
> change where not (I have a relatively Popperan approach to life, and 
> reserve the right to change my mind when presented with new evidence.) I 
> am, however, increasingly uncomfortable about the whole idea of 
> "anonymous complaints".
> Mark

The planet is a insight into the lives and minds of the ubuntu-uk
community, it shouldn't matter whats on a users post, this has gotten
totally out of control and just shows how crap and petty this community
is getting [imho].

Sorry Mark, i hope that this didn't sound like a dig.


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