[ubuntu-uk] This came in on the local Freecycle

Paul Tansom paul at aptanet.com
Thu Aug 2 10:51:51 BST 2007

** Mark Harrison <Mark at yourpropertyexpert.com> [2007-08-02 10:30]:
> alan c wrote:
> > What about advertising on Freecycle-
> > 'Ubuntu Linux CD - the good alternative to Windows - free install and 
> > advice'
> It would be totally AGAINST the charter of Freecycle just to do this, 
> and likely cause a backlash.
> The purpose of Freecycle is to stop stuff going to landfill... not to 
> provide a platform where other groups can promote their own agendas.
> I would far rather than "The Ubuntu Community" approached "The Global 
> Freecycle Team" and tried to put together a cross-promoted initiative to 
> provide a service where we would put Ubuntu on old PCs and then 
> Freecycle them...
> - local Ubuntu teams would be encouraged to contribute the installation time
> - local Freecycle groups would be encouraged to specifically get their 
> members to contribute older PC kit
> There's a difference between working WITH another group, with their own 
> mission, and trying to "Hijack" their services to promote our own.
** end quote [Mark Harrison]

Whilst I'd agree that a concerted effort to use Freecycle as an
advertising platform is something that should be avoided, I have seen
people acting as individuals recommending somebody try Linux,
OpenOffice, or etc. in response to requests for Windows and Office CDs.
I've also seen, as per the orignal post, PCs offered running Linux.

As to a joint effort between Ubuntu and Freecycle, I think you're
crediting Freecycle with a bit more organisation than it actually has.

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