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ac "aec$news" at candt.waitrose.com
Mon Sep 18 20:20:06 BST 2006

Caroline Ford wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-09-15 at 23:06 +0100, ana wrote:
>> Hi
>> Adam Bagnall wrote:
>> >     I was thinking earlier that as far as I'm aware the LoCoTeam has no 
>> > female members. There must be some women in the UK who use Ubuntu? 
> Of course there are - I am another one. I found out about this
> unfortunately high traffic list via Jono Bacon's blog post which
> appeared on Ubuntu planet. I don't have very good internet access (long
> story) so can't use irc and keep my email subscriptions to a minimum.
>> Yes there are ... we are probably not often following this list?
>> > I've 
>> > posted in the Ubuntu women section on the Ubuntu forums to see if I can 
>> > generate any interest. 
>> Any luck?
>> > I'm sure some of you have converted 
>> > wives/friends/sisters/girlfriends/daughters etc. who could get involved. 
>> >   
>> No, i'm none of those.
> Me neither!
>> > I'm sure that if there are women who need support for Ubuntu they would 
>> > feel more comfortable meeting up with another woman.
>> >   
>> Women who can offer support for Ubuntu also feel more comfortable
>> meeting u pwith other women if that is what it takes to meet with people
>> who do not automatically assume we need support :-p
> I get all my linux support online - of course I choose whether to declare myself 
> as female - if I don't tell you you'd (hopefully) never know..
> I've never had face to face linux support to know whether I'd feel more
> comfortable with a guy or a girl - I generally go on expertise etc. I
> doesn't bother me but I can imagine helping a woman could intimidate
> some young boys.

It is not fashionable to admit that gender factors, (or indeed
problems) may exist.
It would be an advantage to have mixed gender as much as possible on
the stand, without making a big issue of it.

Understated impressions can be very powerful.

There was a doc I came across recently called bridgets blog which I
thought was a very good comment
not necessarily ubuntu though, but useful to see I found)  -

'GNU/Linux? But you don't LOOK like a geek...'

alan c

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