[ubuntu-uk] Women, LinuxWorld, Stuff

Caroline Ford caroline.ford.work at googlemail.com
Sat Sep 16 15:38:54 BST 2006

On Fri, 2006-09-15 at 23:06 +0100, ana wrote:
> Hi
> Adam Bagnall wrote:
> >     I was thinking earlier that as far as I'm aware the LoCoTeam has no 
> > female members. There must be some women in the UK who use Ubuntu? 

Of course there are - I am another one. I found out about this
unfortunately high traffic list via Jono Bacon's blog post which
appeared on Ubuntu planet. I don't have very good internet access (long
story) so can't use irc and keep my email subscriptions to a minimum.

> Yes there are ... we are probably not often following this list?
> > I've 
> > posted in the Ubuntu women section on the Ubuntu forums to see if I can 
> > generate any interest. 
> Any luck?
> > I'm sure some of you have converted 
> > wives/friends/sisters/girlfriends/daughters etc. who could get involved. 
> >   
> No, i'm none of those.
Me neither!
> > I'm sure that if there are women who need support for Ubuntu they would 
> > feel more comfortable meeting up with another woman.
> >   
> Women who can offer support for Ubuntu also feel more comfortable
> meeting u pwith other women if that is what it takes to meet with people
> who do not automatically assume we need support :-p
I get all my linux support online - of course I choose whether to declare myself 
as female - if I don't tell you you'd (hopefully) never know..

I've never had face to face linux support to know whether I'd feel more
comfortable with a guy or a girl - I generally go on expertise etc. I
doesn't bother me but I can imagine helping a woman could intimidate
some young boys.
> >     I was also thinking that maybe it would be good to have a woman or 2 
> > at the LinuxWorld booth to show that it's not just geeky men who use 
> > linux? 
> I could be there if you say where it is and if I feel invited enough ...
> > /me awaits inevitable comments about booth babes .
> >
> >   
> what?
Well quite..

I've posted on Jono's blog that I'll muck in with stalls etc if needed. 


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