[ubuntu-uk] Help in setting up demo for LinuxWold

Alan Helmore-Simpson alanhs at ingeniouscorp.com
Thu Sep 14 18:34:29 BST 2006


I have a couple of tablet PCs (Google for 'TC1100') they are sexy looking 
machines and I would like to bring them along to the show for demo machines 
(Trust me, they will turn a few heads, despite their age) trouble is I have 
not had time to make Ubuntu work on them, would anyone like to give it a go? 
I don't think it will be THAT hard (there are some how-to's out there), but 
it will need time and probably more Ubuntu expertise than I have right now.

Please volunteer only  if you think you have a serious chance of making it 
work, because we only have a couple of weeks.


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