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Dean Sas dean at deansas.org
Tue Oct 31 00:12:22 GMT 2006

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Martin Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Reply to Alan C here expanding on what Nik has already said...
> On 30/10/06, Nik Butler <nik at butlershouse.co.uk> wrote:
>> Since im an experienced user i never documented the process and now that
>> I type it I find i make very many assumptions , however since your
>> totally new  to IRC would you mind making notes and taking screenshots
>> as you go and then we can talk about posting these on the wiki ?
> That's an interesting method for beginners guides.... "Here's roughly
> how to do something you don't know anything about, write us a guide
> once you've figured it out".  It sounds like I'm being sarcastic, but
> it might actually work...!  Best way to learn is to teach.
> I could write up some guides for different clients if that would be
> beneficial?  Might be bigger in scope than the UK wiki pages.

Sounds good, why not make the guides more generic and have them be on
the Ubuntu help wiki [1]. It may be wise to check no-one else has done
the work beforehand though - I wrote about connecting to #ubuntu via
xchat-gnome is in the Ubuntu Desktop Guide, I'm not sure if alternative
clients are covered in the wiki or xubuntu/kubuntu docs.


[1] http://help.ubuntu.com/community

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