[ubuntu-uk] UKTeam Meetings Minutes

Martin Fitzpatrick martin.fitzpatrick at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 21:49:52 GMT 2006

Reply to Alan C here expanding on what Nik has already said...

On 30/10/06, Nik Butler <nik at butlershouse.co.uk> wrote:
> > Help. How do I get to begin to use IRC? I have been very much email
> Okay im dropping in here to be both Considerate and Helpful if I can .
> Install  XChat  ( it available in the Package lists )

It's worth pointing out that Gaim (Ubuntu/Gnome) and Kopete
(Kubuntu/KDE) can both log into IRC and may be more friendly for new
users, if infuriatingly limiting for the more experienced.

You can also add a IRC client as an extension in Firefox (search for
IRC on Firefox extensions page) which will also allow Firefox to
automatically open IRC URLs for you.

> joining IRC is not to difficult since your going to need to know where
> we are so you need to know two things , the Network is Freenode and the
> channel onthat network is #ubuntu-uk

If you need a full server name (I think gaim requires this) use
irc.freenode.net which (should) automatically connect you to the
nearest freenode server.  Most applications have lists of servers in

Once you've connected you need to use the /join command to enter a
channel.  Just type:

/join #ubuntu-uk

...in the main window.  If you're doing this in Kopete (as I've just
discovered) you need to add it as an automatic command on connect (on
the 3rd tab)

> Since im an experienced user i never documented the process and now that
> I type it I find i make very many assumptions , however since your
> totally new  to IRC would you mind making notes and taking screenshots
> as you go and then we can talk about posting these on the wiki ?

That's an interesting method for beginners guides.... "Here's roughly
how to do something you don't know anything about, write us a guide
once you've figured it out".  It sounds like I'm being sarcastic, but
it might actually work...!  Best way to learn is to teach.

I could write up some guides for different clients if that would be
beneficial?  Might be bigger in scope than the UK wiki pages.


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