[ubuntu-uk] Fwd: Ubuntu and D-Link DWL-G122.

Andrew Jenkins andrew.jenkins at bigfoot.com
Fri Oct 27 21:31:06 BST 2006

Alan Rogers wrote:
> Andrew
> You missed a potentially important piece of information, being the
> hardware revision. Petty, I know, but D-Link used three different
> chipsets across the three hardware versions of this USB dongle!
> I have Rev B, which I believe is a Ralink chipset, and I couldn't get
> this to work under Ubuntu 6.06 with Gnome Desktop. However, when I
> installed Kubuntu 6.06, with KDE Desktop, I was able to configure it
> to work using Wireless Assistant and I didn't touch the command line
> once.
> I'd be inclined to install Kubuntu into RAM using the Live CD and see
> if he can get it working using my method. If he can, install from
> there, which should preserve his working configuration - it did mine.
> Best of luck
> Alan
Thanks Alan,

When I saw him in work today I asked about this revision
and he said it's rev. C. 
I've passed on both the info from yourself and Peter, so
we'll have to see how he goes.  Unless he gets it working I
won't hear from him now until Monday.

Andy Jenkins.

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