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Caroline Ford caroline.ford.work at googlemail.com
Wed Oct 18 12:43:43 BST 2006

On 18/10/06, Dave Murphy <dave at schwuk.com> wrote:
> Martin Fitzpatrick wrote:
> > How about some obligatory flag colours? There are 3 bits to the ubuntu
> > circle, perhaps pop them in there (either in the circles or on the
> > straps or both).  Of course, thats England, Scotland, Wales, and er.
> > oh well.
> I thought about that for mine as well, but as Caroline pointed it's
> outside of their guidelines.
> For mine I wanted to have the 'uk' letters filled with the Union Flag,
> but my inkspace skills failed me!
> --

I'd really say DON'T do that - especially if we want to deal with the public
sector (I've been a local government officer before currently retraining in
IT), and especially for any colleagues in Northern Ireland..

We want nice and neutral - no unintended political messages :)

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