[ubuntu-uk] Where do 'normal' UK Ubunteros cluster? (Was: Re: Online Discussion Forum - To be or not to be?)

Dean Sas dean at deansas.org
Mon Oct 9 23:17:05 BST 2006

Caroline Ford wrote:
  > Complaints about top-posting etc make me wonder who we are targeting.
> Only long-term geeks care about such things - and yet the point of
> Ubuntu is to bring linux to the un-converted, to 'normal' people. Our
> target groups will use HTML mail, web mail and won't care about old
> mailing list and usenet netiquette. 

Ubuntu is for human beings. That is the target group. Us geeks are human 
beings too.

> Rather than have our own forum I think it would be better to see if we
> can get a sub-forum of the main Ubuntu forums. There are many UK
> Ubunteros there but you never see them here, or on launchpad for that
> matter. It would be great to reach out to that community - I know we
> have wiki space but the Ubuntu wiki is quite frankly a mess.

If we *have* to have any kind of web based forum then this is the way 
forward, it means none of us have to do any sys-admin things and it 
means it's really easy for more Ukers to find us. There's also a mailing 
list to forum gateway, though I don't know how well it works.


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