[ubuntu-uk] Programs to manage podcasts

Oliver Maunder lists at olivermaunder.co.uk
Tue Oct 3 12:13:16 BST 2006


I think  Amarok will do most of what you want. I've only just started
playing with the podcast bits of it, but it seems good so far.

(a) Automatically downloads the podcasts for the subscribed feeds

It does this.

(b) Automatically removes/adds them on my mp3 player given a certain
> amount of reserved disk space. Something like:
> use 300MB of the disk for podcasts, delete old podcasts and copy new
> ones if in need of space.

It will add new podcasts to the queue of tracks to be transferred to the MP3
player next time you connect it. I don't think you can set a maximum space
to be used for podcasts.

You can set a maximum number of episodes to store on the PC for each
podcast, so it automatically deletes old episodes. I'm not sure if it will
automatically remove the old tracks from the MP3 player though.

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