[ubuntu-uk] And now my MP reply...

Dean Sas dean at deansas.org
Thu Nov 30 22:04:29 GMT 2006

Andrew Gee wrote:
  > My MP says that he is "making enquiries of the House of Commons' Library
> about the points I raised" and he has also "made specific
> representations to the Minister responsible because there are now so
> many EDMs that the Government pays not the slightest attention to them"
> He finishes off with saying he'll let me know as soon as he receives
> replies.
> Is that a good reply then? :-D

That sounds quite promising, like he'll put more effort into it then the 
other MPs who 'just' sign a piece of paper.

My M.P. (Natascha Engels, North East Derbyshire) hasn't wrote back yet, 
I see she's signed the EDM though.


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