[ubuntu-uk] Essex based LUG's

David Pashley david at davidpashley.com
Tue Nov 28 15:01:45 GMT 2006

On Nov 28, 2006 at 11:51, Gary praised the llamas by saying:
> Hi I am thinking about seeing if it is possible to take over the
> Colchester LUG, since it seems a little dead here
> (http://tumbleweed.popey.com/)
> I was thinking it'd be nice to see what people on the list feel about
> this?  is a newbie (of six months) the correct person to be "in charge"
> of a User Group?
In my experience, the correct person is the person that does things. I
have in my time attempted to breathe life back into Milton Keynes lug
and Brighton LUG, to varying degrees. You don't need to be the Lugmaster
to do that. 

> I'm open to ideas on how to enable Colchester to become more of an
> active area regarding Linux user groups, so if you have any ideas,
> please shout.

In the case of Brighton LUG, I pretty much announce that I'm going to be
in a pub at a certain time and date and let the natural draw of geeks
and alcohol do the rest. Every LUG meet I've been to has had some
alcohol involved at some point.

David Pashley
david at davidpashley.com
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