[ubuntu-uk] Essex based LUG's

Matthew Saunders me3ohm at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 13:36:24 GMT 2006

On 28/11/06, Gary <gary at kearley.net> wrote:
> Hi I am thinking about seeing if it is possible to take over the
> Colchester LUG, since it seems a little dead here
> (http://tumbleweed.popey.com/)

I run the Chelmsford LUG and we need to 're-energise' things a little.
 Work was busy over the summer where a lot of us work, and we need to
start meeting again at our Student Bar at Writtle College.  (Cheap

> I was thinking it'd be nice to see what people on the list feel about
> this?  is a newbie (of six months) the correct person to be "in charge"
> of a User Group?

A new person to Linux has the events fresh in their mind of how
easy/hard it was to get into Linux, to make things work, and first
impressions.  If you are asked questions you don't know the answer
for, you can pass them on to or ask the relevant community yourself
how to answer the question, and all the time you will learn more quite

> I will be talking to the Anglia LUG, as they seem a lot more active, but
> are based around Norwich, which is quite far to get to from Colchester,
> but does actually do things, and I'll hopefully be able to exist
> alongside and we can compliment each other well.

I am also happy to help where I can.

> Do any of you come from the North Essex Area, within a okay travel time
> from Colchester and would you be interested in meetings, i.e. down the
> pub or even more social things like bowling etc?

I would enjoy attending a future meeting at Colchester - it's only a
short trip up the A12.

Good to hear from you.


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