[ubuntu-uk] Minutes of the UKTeam meeting for 20061127

Nicholas Butler nik at reducedhackers.com
Tue Nov 28 11:35:43 GMT 2006

A Full description and irc log of the event is on the wiki at 

For those like me who hate clicking links in email heres the minutes


*Approval Application.* Nik Butler informed the team that the Community 
Council meeting had been postponed and that the [WWW] Approval 
Application <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/ApprovalApplication> would 
be delayed until the next meeting of the community Council. A brief 
discussion about Ubuntu member candidates was put forward and discussed 
later in the meeting. it was agreed however that a number of existing 
UKTeam members would commit to the process of becoming a Ubuntu Member 
and that this would be journaled on the Wiki.

*UKTeam Loco Local Meetings* In general the Loco Team for the UK has 
been meeting online for several weeks and the concept of localised, 
county based Loco team meetings has not progressed. AlanPope 
<https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanPope> has provided a [WWW] clear list of 
LUGs <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/UKLugMembers> and Communities in 
the UK to which UkTeam <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UkTeam> members can 
affiliate themselves as a Ubuntu UKTeam contact within that community. 
This also serves the purpose of working with other groups.

*Projects on the Main Page.* The UKTeam main page has been a work in 
progress and has at every moment matched the requirements for 
information and community communication. as the UKTeam are now coming 
together and focusing on results it was agreed to split the project page 
into Longterm and Current ( Short ) term projects. Short Term projects 
which have a defined goal such as ApprovalApplication 
<https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ApprovalApplication>, UbuntuMembers 
<https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuMembers>, Education write to your MP 
would be better suited to the front page. Long term or completed 
projects would be pushed to second page and available as a link from the 
main site. DeanSas <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeanSas> suggested a number 
of activities to help promote awareness and actions within those 
projects which appear to be stagnant.

*Ubuntu Buddies* The concept of a defined role in which a UKTeam member 
provides support or mentoring to a completely new Ubuntu user was 
considered redundant since much support is already provided in many 
areas, which was further discussed below.

*Wiki, IRC and Mail list Awareness* Increasing awareness of where the 
UKTeam can be located and enabling new users and members to get 
co-ordinated and directed support is a concern. A few new members in the 
meeting expressed that locating the Team was not one step process. 
AlanPope <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanPope> recommended using graphical 
pins on forums, mail lists and blogs to provide a clear indication of 
where UKTeam are and where help and support and direction can be gained. 
NikButler <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NikButler> and DeanSas 
<https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeanSas> both discussed re-approaching the 
developers to get Loco Team contact sections stored in System->Help.

*Charities.* Following the success of the Auction for the [WWW] Tshirt 
and Book 
<https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/CharityWork/ChildrenInNeedTShirt> it was 
agreed that we should have a clear minimum list of support charities for 
which money can be raised and donated as part of UKTeam activities. It 
was agreed that this needs to be discussed fully on the Mailing list and 
X3N and DeanSas <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeanSas> are looking at voting 
mechanisms. NikButler <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NikButler> will arrange 
with X3n and DeanSas <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeanSas> and AlanPope 
<https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanPope> to define a clear structure with 
which such decisions can formalised given the free form nature of this 

The Meeting concluded with the agreement that Charities would be on the 
agenda for the next meeting which will be at 21.30hrs on *19th December 

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