[ubuntu-uk] Interesting cold call to (sussex) re linux

Nicholas Butler nik at reducedhackers.com
Wed Nov 22 22:29:37 GMT 2006

alan c wrote:
> I often see small ads in local papers here for computer support and
> home PC fix of problems, and I had toyed with the idea of phoning one
hah, I thought I was mad when i did that . I usually call these guys up 
and invite them to a LUG meeting or invite them to a few hours of my 
time for free to look at Ubuntu , so cool to see im not the only mad 

> reaction that as a caller I was a bit out of his area - he is Sussex
Who was he out of interest ?

> In summary, it went well!
> (any Sussex area ubuntu users out there?)
heheh Well ive been promoting and installing Linux to servers and 
Desktops in the Sussex area since 1998 but since a difference of 
opinions over direction led me to restart that  position I had to create 
Reduced Hackers and  ive been keenly promoting Ubuntu since I could get 
my hands on it. Ive only recently returned to being more involved with 
the (online )  community again in the last year. Unfortunately many of 
the experiences that pushed me offline are still prevalent in our 
community this time however i feel long enough in the tooth and grey 
enough in the hairline to justify sticking around and giving my opinions 
with the  validation of experience and perspective . Im one of the 
Lugmasters for Sussex Linux User Group ( www.sussex.lug.org.uk ) and Im 
the designated Ubuntu poster boy for the group, Dobbo maintains his 
stout Debian post and we all still say Use Debian as much as possible on 
the list! Steve and I have been promoting OSS at the Worthing ( and 
Sometimes Crawley ) British Computer Fairs and weve been using Ubuntu to 
back up the return customer interest for something more robust and 
friendly on the desktop. Whats scary for Steve and I is that weve been 
doing this for like more than two years now ! Anyway thanks for your 
Post and as Adam says there are a few of us here in Sussex whom are 
really quite UbuntuActive!

Nik Butler

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