[ubuntu-uk] GTK and C

Pat evilcorporation at gmail.com
Sun Nov 19 14:03:20 GMT 2006

On 19/11/06, Pete Ryland <pdr at pdr.cx> wrote:
> why bother with gvim?  It's less convenient than running vim in a
> shell.

You know, I really can't answer that! There's no logical reason for
it, it just seems to depend on where I am when I start editting. If
I'm on the desktop, I click the gvim icon, and if I'm on the terminal
I type "vi"

Oddly enough, I use gedit to read non-code text files that I'm not
modifying... again, I can't really explain it.

>Also, you should be using make rather than shell scripts, and
> ideally autoconf/automake for portability's sake.

Yes, good advice, and I'm with you on that. Though, up until recently,
I've not done anything in C that was more than a few lines long or
intended to be run by anyone else.

I'm not really a C developer - I write Java (mostly) at work, but I
find it can be a bit unwieldy at home, and I like to do something
different at the end of the day anyway. I like Netbeans for Java, and
that seems to have acquired a C/C++ environment now - I might play
with that next.

I had to smile at the comment I saw on Slashdot recently - "You don't
need an IDE on Unix, Unix _is_ a development environment".



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