[ubuntu-uk] New screencast on installing updates

Nicholas Butler nik at reducedhackers.com
Thu Nov 9 08:26:58 GMT 2006

> A guy in the states does a podcast called Linux Reality. http://linuxreality.com/ . He does an 
> excellent job of covering Linux based stuff in an audio only format. It can be a little dry at 
True story:  I had no idea who Ted Heagar ( reverented.wordpress.com ) 
was when we were having dinner at Lugradio Live 2006. So when I asked 
people what were theyre favourite podcasts and what do the listen too I 
didnt appreciate the rye smiles around the table, sigh. Ilove this Linux 
stuff but im not into like a gazillion things. So anyway a topic or a 
page on the wiki I wonder where we all get our inspiration and new ideas 
and help from ?

Now most will say the usual , Google is my friend , but I know that 
sometimes its a little more than that. We all have special Podcasts, 
Websites and Channels where we know we can get help from so  I think we 
should book mark this as well.

In my mind I feel that we could do with something like a new member 
information pack something which at first does not intimidate with a 
plethora of things to know but also can serve as a jumping off point 
from FAQs ( these vary in their usefulness ! ) to Wikis ( Which can 
become very overwhelming ) and Pod/Screen casts.

Since the first meeting I felt it was clear that the majority concern 
was on reducing new user overload on existing members by ensuring that 
they can get lots of help without requiring plenty of handholding. If we 
are considering a more formal working on  the Ubuntu Buddy idea then 
this collation of "stuff" will serve as a good bookmark for them also.

So anyway thats my 2cents, thanks for reading.


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