[ubuntu-uk] New screencast on installing updates

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Thu Nov 9 00:09:50 GMT 2006

On Thu, Nov 09, 2006 at 12:01:51AM +0000, Martin Fitzpatrick wrote:
> It's nicely done & comes over very professionally / easy to follow.


> One problem I have though is that the video quality makes it sometimes
> impossible to read what's actually on the screen - especially large
> lines of text strangely. Is this a Google streaming issue / down to my
> connection or is the file uploaded to Google of similar quality?

It's totally down to it being re-encoded to flash for google. If you try the other links to the 
OGG or MPEG feed you'll note it's dramatically better. Almost as good as it being your own 

> That aside it's still easy to follow visually what is happening / what
> to do - which I guess is the aim here.  The commentary clears
> everything up.  Out of interest has anyone ever done an audio-only
> guide for these sorts of things?  Wonder if that would work as podcast
> / net radio "lesson broadcast"?  Keep it up.  I must give one of these
> a go once I can get over hearing my own voice recorded.

A guy in the states does a podcast called Linux Reality. http://linuxreality.com/ . He does an 
excellent job of covering Linux based stuff in an audio only format. It can be a little dry at 
times, but he does his absolute best to describe what's going on on screen. I guess it's best to 
listen while you actually try the applications and distros he is talking about.

> On a related point - has anyone ever put together an equivalent of the
> "Little book of..." things for a Linux distribution.  It occurred to
> me that a little handbook covering installation and the first few
> steps might make a helpful hand-out along with CDs.  Just got me
> thinking.

The O'Reilly book "Ubuntu Hacks" is pretty good. It has a load of small baby-step type 
tutorials. Very nice book.

> Lastly after migrating to KDE and wanting my double-panels back, I've
> completed a guide to making the Kubuntu/KDE desktop look
> identical(ish) to Ubuntu/Gnome.  It's available here:
> http://www.mutube.com/node/55

That's pretty neat! I don't use KDE, only Gnome, so if we continue with these screencasts then 
someone else will probably have to do the KDE ones, becuase I just don't know it well enough to 
spout about it. 


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