[ubuntu-uk] Leaders

Nik Butler nik at butlershouse.co.uk
Sun Nov 5 18:47:54 GMT 2006

Just a few thoughts.

When external groups  ,lets call them the press or exhibition organisers 
or agencies want to contact the UK Loco team it will be helpful to have 
someone as a point of contact.
To avoid duplication of effort and to avoid suppliers or agents being 
contacted en masse its good to have a point of contact for any project.
Having a leader, manager, spokesman or co-ordinator is a natrual 
function of all open source projects no matter what you call them they 
are the ones people goto to ensure that information is not being replicated.
We are the UKTeam and we are British ( Ive seen the logo ) which means 
we tend towards forming queues and being organised and more importantly 
we get things done.

If you feel that you dont want the Team to have a structure then all I 
can offer is the assurance that im not a fan of overall descisions by 
commitee and overkill of administration so hopefully I can set an agenda 
for UKTeam operations that is as dynamic as possible with clear goals 
and directions.

Ive taken the lead so far because Jono invited me to get on with it,  
and help get the team motivated and organised. Im not looking to be the 
long term leader but I do want to get the Approval Application processed 
and Id like to be responsible for the above for this year until after 
the next Linux World Expo. Ive a lot of ideas and thoughts and 
experience in regards to doing the above and I feel that we need to get 
started on this and get on with it.

Id like to ask , its all I can do , that we end the conversations about 
team leaders and team forums and draw them to a close. If we keep this 
up it will be like a scene from the Life of Brian only not as funny and 
just as unproductive.

Thanks for reading.


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