[ubuntu-uk] Team Leader Vote

Nik Butler nik at butlershouse.co.uk
Sat Nov 4 17:33:27 GMT 2006

Can I just point out that :

Approval Application needs to take some level of  precedence this wee, 
if not tommorow.  Jono got up and showed a world Map of  LocoTeams in 
who were Approved and who were awaiting approval. He stood in the Expo 
and   told people that we would be getting approved very soon. So 
forgive me if I want to draw everyones attention to the link and ask 
people to consider how and why they contribute to the UKTeam 
application. Once you have done that then lets go back to looking at who 
gets to take the flak for the next 12 months. Please this is very 
important to Jono and to me and to a number of UK Ubuntu developers so 
can I ask we just agree to the following

Lets look at the application   

Then set next Saturday as the closing vote for UKTeam Leader

Thanks for reading and thanks for helping.


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