[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Kiosk - powersave issue

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Fri Nov 3 11:17:23 GMT 2006

Matthew Saunders wrote:
> Hi,
> I have built up a kiosk pc using Edgy Eft, and all is working out well
> apart form disabling the power save features.  The monitor keeps going
> into power save mode.
> The only things I have done to customise a default install is to set
> gdm to auto-login to my main user,  firefox (with r-kiosk) auto runs,
> and unclutter hides the mouse cursor.
> I have turned off the screen saver (removed the tick from "Activate
> screensaver when computer is idle" from the Screensaver settings) and
> set the display sleep time to "Never" in power management.  I have set
> the BIOS to not manage the power saving features.
> Anyone have any ideas as to why this isn't working?

an uninformed guess - ACPI
ACPI - Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
might need to be disabled either in bios (??) or boot up parameters??

alan c
Linux registered user #360648

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