[ubuntu-uk] Upgrade instead of install

Bernard G Hill berni at zionundy.me.uk
Thu Nov 2 17:55:56 GMT 2006


I wish to go from Dapper to Edgy without doing an installation and
loosing all my settings and other bits which are installed on D.

U/K/E and the rest have made the installation process very simple by the
use of a live distribution which can be installed, but I would like to
have the opportunity to upgrade from D to E, keeping everything on the
existing system.

I know I can upgrade on the net as I have read the appropriate pages of
instruction but I want to upgrade from CD. Is this possible from the
live/install disc or is a different disc required?

For future releases, is it possible for the live CD to have an upgrade
icon as well as an install icon, or would it be better for a different
CD to be issued? As more and more computer ignorant users like myself
are persuaded to join the Ubuntu camp, this upgrade business is going to
be increasingly important so that it can be done without losing all the
present system. One thing which will scare off the ordinary user, is
saying that upgrading is a doddle, all that is needed is to issue the
following commands, and then quote a long incantation of jargon which is
virtually meaningless to anyone but a computer geek. The GUI has been
very successful as the way for the ordinary user to interface with the
computer. The necessary command has been issued by clicking on an icon;
what that command is the user doesn't care so long as the end result is
what is wanted.

Any help which anyone is able to give will be very much appreciated.

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