[ubuntu-uk] BBC and open formats??

David Restall - System Administrator dave at restall.net
Thu Nov 2 15:41:20 GMT 2006


> > Maybe the tabloids would take an interest?


> I doubt it has the level of scandal required for tabloid newspapers.
> Tabloids are primarly populist & will not print something which is a
> minority interest. Unfortunately that means us. Technology coverage in
> tabloids is very limited for the same reasons - most people don't care
> (other than fancy gadgets).
> Coverage in broadsheets would be a more realistic aim I would think -
> especially the left-leaning, media reads such as the Guardian /
> Independent.  It might not even be especially difficult on a slow news
> day.

I think that the newspapers also get a fair bit of revenue from the big
IT players so they may be reluctant to upset their advertisers in a
declining market.

How many others grind their teeth at the free advertising that the BBC
give Apple everytime they crow about their programs available for
'podcast'.  It may be worthwhile writing to feedback on R4.  Roger
Bolton seems to like to get his teeth into stuff like this.


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