[ubuntu-uk] Metacity Window Manager

Keith Bowerman keith at grumpyface.me.uk
Sat Mar 4 15:21:19 GMT 2006

Hello All,

Until this morning I had never heard of the above.

I am using 'Breezy' with kernel 2.6.12-9-386 (having upgraded to
...12-10-... but losing internet access in the process).  Being
temporarily away from home, I started with a brand new installation about
a month or so ago and apart from the above hiccough everything has run

However, when I came to log in this morning I entered my name and password
as usual and was then confronted with the normal looking screen with the
tinkling music, but the banner read 'Metacity Window Manager' instead of
Nautilus, etc., and only the leftmost icon appeared on the banner.  And
there the boot up finished, leaving me only Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to get out
of it.

Of course, I can get into Ubuntu through the 'failsafe' option but I do
not have the experience/knowledge to recover my own system from there.

Does anyone understand what I'm talking about and, if so, can you help me

Thanks in anticipation,


Keith Bowerman,
Playa de Oliva, Valencia, Spain.

Touch not the cat bot a glove

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