[ubuntu-uk] Networking and sharing directories between two machines both running Kubuntu 6.06

Gordon Burgess-Parker gordon.burgessparker at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jun 14 16:24:34 BST 2006

I'm tearing what remains of my hair out.
I have a desktop and a laptop, both running Kubuntu 6.06. The desktop (which 
is a dual-boot XP and Kubuntu) is
hard-wired to the hub, the laptop accesses the network via a WAP.

I wanted to share directories on the desktop with the laptop. If, on the
desktop, I went to System Settings, Internet and Network, Sharing, and click
on "file sharing", even after going into Administrator mode, the WHOLE
SCREEN was greyed out.

I sorted that out by un-installing and re-installing samba and samba-common, 
and also installing nfs on both machines. I can now select directories to 
share over the LAN, either with just sambo or nfs or both. great.

BUT if I go to Remote Places-add network folder I get a dialog box with the 
following fields: "name", "user", "server" "port" and "folder"

the name is OK, I call it what I want. The user I suppose is the Computer
User (they are the same on both) but what do I put for the server? (I've
tried putting the computer network name in that field). And what about the
port? The default is 22. Presumably the Folder field is the folder I want
to connect to .

WHY OH WHY is inter-(K)Ubuntu file and directory sharing SO DIFFICULT? When I 
installed Kubuntu on the laptop, the desktop was booted into Windows XP. 
Kubuntu immediately saw the Windows shares and gave me access. WHY is it SO 
difficult to do this with two Kubuntu machines?


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