[ubuntu-uk] Re: ubuntu-uk Digest, Vol 14, Issue 11

Ralph Corderoy ralph at inputplus.co.uk
Wed Jun 14 13:51:20 BST 2006

Hi Ted,

> Thanks Steve, I am excited to be part of a bigger Ubuntu 'project'. I
> have added my details to the Wiki page as you suggested. I see our
> numbers are growing :-)

Welcome aboard.

> on 14/6/06 6:50 AM, ubuntu-uk at lists.ubuntu.com wrote:
[Snip 401 lines of digest quote.]

Can people, not just Ted, please take a bit more time over their posts
to the list.  Quote only what's necessary, and in a recognised way, e.g.
`> '.  Taking that time will save time for all the readers, e.g. I
wouldn't have had to look through the 401 lines to see if any bit wasn't
quoted and another comment had been inserted.




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