[ubuntu-uk] Re: Re: Default Mail and Browser Apps

Dion Le Blanc dionleblanc at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 07:24:12 BST 2006

Gordon Burgess-Parker wrote:

> On Tuesday 13 June 2006 00:13, Dion Le Blanc wrote:
>> Gordon Burgess-Parker wrote:
>> > It appears that Kubuntu 6.06 has made no advance on 5.10 - mailto links
>> > in Web pages only appear to work if Konqueror and Kmail are selected as
>> > defaults - so WHY the option to specify other browsers and mail clients
>> > as default? can someone pass this on to the Kubuntu team as a serious
>> > deficiency?
>>    Rubbish....firefox and kmail work fine for me.
> I'm sorry, it's NOT rubbish. there is a post in a newsgroup about it as
> well. If i select Firefox and Thunderbird, or Firefox and Kmail as
> defaults, then Mailto links DO NOT WORK. If I select KMail and Konqueror
> as default then Mailto links DO work. A BUG or a deficiency. Just as in
> Ubuntu, you CANNOT change the "right-click, send to" mail client from
> Evolution.

   I guess it doesn't work for me then...sorry yes it does,,,I don't know
what you're doing wrong or I'm doing right. However it does work for me,
try telling us what you have tried rather than  a blanket statement about
it not working.

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